Hello. Thanks for dropping by. This is a website which is the parking lot for my digital life. I don't really update this page often, and there's a good chance by the time you read this the bio is out of date. In 60 seconds though I work as a software engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area. My interests and hobbies in the technical arena are all geared towards helping people make a difference in this world. At present I love all things Kubernetes (and the whole of CNCF.) I am an avid fan of machine learning I'm even a researcher! I love learning (I'm working on my masters in CS at Georgia Tech) and am currently an active contributor to

Outside of work I love traveling (ask me about my passport stamps!,) reading, playing guitar, piano, bass, and drums, flying planes, and going to the gym!

Thanks for reading. :) Hope you have an awesome day!